VJ Zombie Bath, Maine



Magnetic Fields Festival

14-16.12.2018 in Alsisar, Rajasthan

The festival, which completed six editions in December 2018, is globally recognised as a festival that pushes future-facing sounds from India and around the world and takes place in a 17th Century Palace in Rajasthan

Live Visuals and LED Strip installation in Bangalore, India

Sub Sequence Audio Visual Showcase 

9.12.2018 in Colombo, Sri Lanka


Featuring interactive audio-visual installations, musical performances and mixed-media art, Sub_Seqeunce transformed the grimy cinema halls, corridors, swimming pool and derelict rooms of the partially-abandoned Rio Cinema & Hotel complex into a melting pot of interdisciplinary artistic collaborations waiting to be explored and experienced.


Visual Design & Performance for Pentagram at VH1 Supersonic

09.04.2018 in Pune, India

Worked with Mixtape Live to create, curate and perform the live visuals for Pentagram's set at Vh1 Supersonic in Pune with Naveen Deshpande on the lights

SubSequence 2018
Screen Shot 2018-10-19 at 6.25.43 PM.png
11 Karmarmour

09 Tropico

08 Open

07 Wave Slice

06 Blood Moon

05 Spiky Spiral

04 Work(space)

03 Pixel Bowl

02 M7 in Hangar

01 Spooky Lab

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